General Litigation in District, Probate, and Superior Courts in Massachusetts and Federal Courts, including U.S. Supreme Court.

Civil and Criminal at pre-litigation, trial, and post-trial including appeals to the Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court.

Conciliation Services.

General Advice and Consultation on all matters.


Mr. Vincent has provided advice and representation in a wide array of civil and criminal matters for more than 38 years.  He has successfully litigated simple and complex issues at all stages of jury and non-jury trials, and through appeal.
His most important goal in all matters is to help clients obtain fair and just results at reasonable cost.  Most clients are referred by satisfied clients or by other attorneys.

Areas of Practice

Advice and litigation services, if needed, for:
Criminal defense in District and Superior Court for misdemeanors and felonies

Plaintiff or Defendant representation in contract disputes involving purchase and sale of real estate

Plaintiff or Defendant representation in claims seeking monetary damages for injuries or loss caused by lack of reasonable care in the use of motor vehicles, control and care of pets, property maintenance, legal or medical services, vehicle maintenance, provision of security systems 

Residential and commercial construction claims

Life insurance contracts

Residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes

Consumer Protection defense and prosecution

Generally, unusual and difficult cases

Examples of unusual and difficult cases tried to conclusion with win for client: 
Determination of Non-Dischargeability trials in Federal District Court (Obtained Judgment for creditors)
Representation of Creditor against Debtor for sums owed for maintenance and costs related to a co-owned airplane 
Representation of Creditor against Debtor for sums owed in a real estate transaction

Trial for life insurance proceeds on two policies (Obtained Judgment for full payment of both policies, and won on appeal)
Representation of wife against insurance company that claimed decedent fraudulently misrepresented his health application on two insurance policies and died from a drug overdose

Defense of claim against minority stockholder (Obtained defense verdict from jury) 
Majority Stockholders sued minority stockholder for breach for fiduciary duty, alleging that he diverted corporate funds and assets to his own use

Appeal of guilty verdict for crime of operation of motor vehicle while intoxicated (Obtained reversal)
Prepared brief and argued that court's instruction on proof beyond reasonable doubt was constitutionally infirm